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Dunbar High School Alumni Association Officers

Johnnie Ross, President (LHS ’73) – Place (Picnic/Banquet/Food) Chair

Leon Bagley, Sr., First Vice-President (’62) – Business Development Chair

Virginia Howard Thomas, Second Vice-President (’62) – Program Chair

Bennie Mock-Paschal, Recording Secretary (’62)

Sandra Richard Bradford, Assistant Recording Secretary (’65)

Myrty C. Richard, Financial Secretary (’60)

Tim Hale, Treasurer (’70)

Walter Butler, Assistant Treasurer (’59)

Jurlene Menefee Sparks, Parliamentarian (’68) – Scholarship Chair

Dan Garcia, Sgt.-At-Arms (’70)

Sydney Benemon, Chaplain (LHS ’71) – Meet & Greet/Registration Chair

Roosevelt (Ted) Howard, Correspondent-At-Large

John McClendon, Chair (’70) – Advertising/Media

Effie Rhodes Ross, Chair (’68) – Decorations

Louise Menefee LaVane, Chair (’65) – Souvenir Booklet

Scholarship Recipients


Corinthia Skinner, granddaughter of Rosalind Hadnot

Jurlene Sparks

Zariah Hadnot, granddaughter of June Lewis


Kala Stripling – Lufkin High School

Ian Cavenal – Pineywoods Community Academy

Grandson of Willie C. & Bennie Brewer Rogers*

Niles Duffield-Diboll High School

Grandson of Carrie Mumphrey Waters (deceased) & Niece of James C. Wortham*


Paige Coleman – Lufkin High School/UT Arlington

Granddaughter of Arthur Ray & Emma (Wheeler) Coleman*

Sequela Minor – Lufkin High School


Brittany Bell – Sam Houston State University

Granddaughter of JoAnn Bagley Jones & Roland Jones

Niece of Leon Bagley

Marcus Garrett – Stephen F. Austin


Patrice Coleman – Sam Houston State University

Granddaughter of Arthur Ray & Emma (Wheeler) Coleman

Samuel Phillips – University of Houston

*Dunbar Alumni

The History of Dunbar High School

The school term of 1923-24 was a period for the beginning of a new school location for the Black people of Lufkin, Texas as chronicled by Bill Lambing in a September 1987 Lufkin Daily Newspaper article. Dunbar Elementary-Junior-Senior High School was built and occupied by one principal was Mr. N.C. Brandon. The teachers were Mrs. Malinda Garrett, Minnie B. Johnson and Annie Penson.

It has been traditionally reported by early Black Lufkinites that Mrs. Malinda Garrett and her husband donated the land on Leach Street for the new school because of Mrs. Garrett’s intense desire for a good school building for Black children of Lufkin. The students who first moved into the new school building from Lucky Ward were given the privilege of naming the school. They chose the name Paul Lawrence Dunbar in honor of the great writer who was one of the most popular poets of his time and certainly the first Black American writer to achieve national and International reputation, Dunbar, a hero to the Black community, was the son of slaves.

The graduation grade level had been ninth grade at Lucky Ward School. However, when the new Dunbar School was occupied, the tenth grade became the level of graduation. Some of the first graduates of Dunbar were Hester Austin, Fannie Castle, Lottie Jackson, Mable Jackson, Freddie Johnson and Leroy Lewis. Chester Collins would have been one of the graduates, but he transferred to a school in Nacogdoches before the move to the new school.

In 1951, Dunbar High School was built on 1806 Lake Street and remained until the end of 1969-70 School year. Old Dunbar became known as Garrett Elementary, named for one of its first teachers, Mrs. Malinda Garrett.

The only sport the students engaged in prior to 1932 was basketball. In the fall of 1932, the first football team was organized by Coach Develous Johnson. The first band was organized in the fall of 1939 by a blind musician, Melvin McClendon. The football team, which traveled on Robert Denum flatbed trucks and later on Continental Trailways buses, won three State Championships and one State Final under the leadership of Head Coach Elmer G. Redd and his staff.

State Final: 1960- Corpus Christi

Championship Games:     1964- Marlin             1966 – Witchita Falls                      1967- Texarkana

The Prinicipals were:

N.C. Brandon     1923-1924

W.H. Brandon     1924-1940

F.W. Thomas     1940-1946

J.T. Washington, Sr.     1946-1952

E.E. Cleaver     1952-1959

M.E. Lyons     1959-1968

Travis Carter     1968-1970

Coaches were:

(No Football Program)

Develous Johnson     1932-1934

George E. Spencer     1935-1936

C.L. Franklin     1936-1942

Willie Ray Smith     1942-1945

C.L. Franklin     1945-1953

Elmer G. Redd     1953-1970

Oscar Kennedy   19xx-1970

Willie Ross            19xx-1970

James Hall             19xx-1970

Willie Mae Burley   19xx-1970

Carol Ann Pierre, English Instructor, was the last teacher hired at Dunbar prior to integration. In 1970, Lufkin Independent School District integrated; Paul Lawrence Dunbar changed to Lufkin Intermediate School, seventh graders only for the entire school district. In March 1982, the school was renamed Paul Lawrence Dunbar Intermediate School.